Our Story

Lutom is a love story; about art, the environment, health and each other. We are more than a brand, we are a lifestyle. We are designers and environmentalists who came together to influence people to rethink their consumption habits.  We design quality products to reduce your ecological footprint.  

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We work with innovative materials and ways to create durable products that are ethically made and leave little impact on the earth. We keep all the details in mind; our hangtags can be planted to grow flowers and we ship our products in eco-friendly packaging. We want to make the fashion industry a more eco-mindful and fair industry. 


"We need each other to grow"

Luana and Tom are two eco lovers who grew up 4,200 miles away from one another, but were meant to join forces. They quickly discovered that they not only had a passion for saving the planet, but that they both were also highly creative. Lu's passion for conscious fashion and Tom's product designs mended perfectly. It's like they could complete each others ideas. They put their skills to work and dedicated all their free time to starting a company where they could stay creative and inspire people to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

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About Us

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Earth Friendly Biodegradable Fabric

Our activewear collection is made with "Amni Soul Eco",  an enhanced polyamide fabric that biodegrades within four years, without leaving harmful chemicals behind.   

Made Ethically 

Our activewear is made ethically in Brazil. We personally know the people who make our clothes and follow the production chain, making sure everyone involved is treated fairly. 

Good for You 

Our activewear is hypoallergenic, UV protective, ultra-absorbent, sweat wicking, quick-drying and odor-resistant.