Why become a LUTOM eco-savvy ambassador?

You love Lutom's mission and cannot wait to wear it all the time. You are always telling people about Lutom and is an eco-savvy citizen. So, why not get discounts and make some extra cash?

Your family & Friends get 10% with YOUR code. Every-time it is used YOU make 10%.

Commissions are paid via PayPal/Zelle at the end of every month!

Incentives to be Lutom Eco-savvy ambassador:
1. Make 10% on sales
2. 20% off product
3. Ring in 10 sales & get a free piece
4. Repost from Lutom (photos must have quality lighting & be in focus)
6. Full Profile & Bio page on

Rules: (To qualify for 20% off & other perks)
1. Must own Lutom clothing 
2. Email a minimum of three images a month wearing Lutom clothing 
3. Share Code or Referral Link a minimum of two times per month via social media.
4. Must make a minimum of two sales a month.
First Name:
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Place where you're from:
Phone Number:
Social media (mention all that apply):
# of followers:
Website/ Blog:
Focus (Yoga, Mindfulness, Zero-waste or Eco-friendly lifestyle, Travel): 
Why do you want to represent Lutom?
How would you describe Lutom in your own words?
What inspires you?
What's the one thing you cannot live without?
What makes you feel more empowered?
What are you most proud of?