No shave Movember!  
For every "Gentlemen’s Comb" sold throughout November we will donate to organizations that help fight men’s cancers.   

     It's No shave Movember! During November you may notice more men walking around sporting mustaches or big beards. The reason for this increase in facial hair is to bring awareness to mens health. It’s about staying aware of things like prostate cancer, testicular cancer and male depression.

     Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men, except for skin cancer. By the end of 2020, an estimated 191,930 men in the united States will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. 

     Our “Gentlemen’s Comb” is handcrafted from sandalwood and can easily fold to fit conveniently in your pocket. Use it to keep your beard nice and groomed or slick your hair back while looking stylish in the process.
     Why Sandalwood?   Because sandalwood is a durable hardwood with antiseptic and astringent properties that also has an excellent fragrance said to increase alertness and enhance mood. 


October is breast cancer awareness month! We will be donating profits from each pinktober bottle sold to breast cancer research and support to people fighting the disease. 


     There is currently a debate on weather chemicals found in single-use plastic water bottles can cause or advance the spread of breast and other cancers. Bisphenol A (BPA) a hormone disruptor found in single-use plastic water bottles is the main cause for this concern. Studies have found that these certain chemicals can end up in the things we drink and eat. The FDA states that the chemical levels are low enough to be considered safe for human consumption. 

     Studies that show cancer-causing effects from these chemicals are discredited because of the way they are conducted; conducting experiments is a bit different from how the chemicals may come in contact with and effect our cells by consuming food or drink packaged with in single-use plastics. Within these experiments the chemical is placed directly on the cell and causes the cell to malfunction. 

     Whether you feel safe or not consuming food or drink packaged within these plastics there is one definite reason why you should quit purchasing these products; Because they are causing disease to our environments and threaten the earth we leave for future generations.

     Single-use water bottles and plastic packaging have become a menace to our habitats, filling our landfills and oceans and causing death to wildlife across the planet. It can not be denied that single use plastics can be referred to as a cancer earth is currently fighting.